8 Top Reasons To Hire eCommerce Developer in India

Since India is the second most populated country in the world, it has an extensive pool of eCommerce developers. It’s the biggest outsourcing hub in the world and has been effective in its eCommerce development services. There are many developers here, holding a Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree in the science stream, specifically when it comes to education.

Around 95% of developers here belong to the eCommerce website development agency  age group 18-35 years. And, almost 200,000 software graduates are employed every year in the IT industry. This vast talent pool makes India technologically competent plus experienced. They are continually acquiring new and improving skills daily to deliver quality eCommerce solutions.

2.No Communication Barrier

India is a home of around 125 million English speaking people that makes it the world’s second-largest speaking country after the US. Also, according to EF English Proficiency, the country holds the third rank in Asia on English proficiency.

When you outsource eCommerce development services, communication is an essential priority as nothing is possible without it. With Indian eCommerce development companies where 90% of developers speak fluent English, your language barriers get dissolved on its own. This proficient communication skill advantage has been useful in transforming India’s perception of eCommerce and software development services.